White Collar Crime

When thinking about white collar crime, many people think about corporate executives spending decades in federal prison. In truth, these charges can affect almost anyone, and they can lead to extremely serious consequences.

Mounting an aggressive defense is crucial when facing white collar crime charges. I am criminal defense attorney Mark Cohen. With more than 33 years of legal experience helping clients in the East Bay region deal with these types of complex charges, I have the knowledge and resources to help you build a strong defense.

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A Lot Is At Stake In These Cases

In addition to the possibility of spending years in jail and paying expensive fines, law enforcement will also likely attempt to seize assets that were financed by your alleged crimes. This could bankrupt your family, which is just one reason why you need to work with a lawyer in these matters.

I can help you with cases such as:

Even if you are just under investigation — you learn a grand jury has convened or authorities are questioning your friends — call me immediately. I can investigate your case and uncover evidence that may convince prosecutors not to file charges. If you are charged, I will already have a head start on building a strong case.

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