Violation Of Trust/Public Officials Violations

As a public official, you are no doubt aware of the lack of trust that citizens have in government officials of all levels. Unfortunately in today’s environment, even a passing allegation of misconduct or allegation can derail a government career.

If you are facing allegations of violating the public trust, protect your rights and your reputation by quickly contacting my law firm, the Law Office of Mark Cohen, P.C., in Fremont, California. I have a deep understanding of the unique legal issues that public officials have to deal with, and I can use my more than 33 years of criminal defense experience to help you fight the charges.

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Any type of alleged violation by a public official could mean being unfairly viewed as guilty by law enforcement and the public, making a fast, smart response essential.

As your attorney, I will begin my own investigation, including working with officials such as forensic accountants, to determine what happened to any supposed misplaced government funds.

Many times these charges can be resolved behind the scenes while still in the investigation stage. If a trial is necessary to protect your rights, however, you will have an experienced lawyer on your side who has a lengthy track record of success in court. You will need no less when your career and your freedom are at stake.

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