Religious And Nonprofit Litigation

Corporate litigation for religious and nonprofit entities is significantly different than corporate litigation concerning for-profit businesses. At the Law Office of Mark Cohen, P.C., I understand that these differences exist not only in the types of disputes that arise, but also in terms of the laws that apply to these unique entities. I understand these differences because I am one of the few attorneys in the East Bay area who focuses on this specialized area of the law.

During my more than 33-year career, I have achieved success litigating these matters at all levels, all the way up to the court of appeals. My success can be attributed to my knowledge of religious and nonprofit corporation law, but more importantly to my sensitivity to the religious and cultural goals of the individuals and organizations I represent.

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Religious Corporation Law And Nonprofit Law

My background of success in these matters comes from my thorough understanding of the latitude the law offers to religious organizations and the stricter rules the law imposes with other types of nonprofit corporations. Understanding how the bylaws of a religious or other nonprofit corporation operate in relation to the California Corporations Code is crucial to developing a proper litigation strategy.

What Type Of Dispute Does Your Case Involve?

My experience allows me to provide representation in the most complex corporate litigation involving nonprofits and religious organizations. Commonly handled matters include:

  • Board of directors’ elections
  • Bylaw enforcement
  • Membership disputes
  • Denial of membership in religious organizations
  • Access to records
  • Fiduciary or standard of care responsibilities of directors and officers

I am available to represent public benefit corporations, mutual benefit corporations and religious corporations, including homeowners’ associations, trade organizations, churches of all denominations, mosques, synagogues and other Jewish organizations, Hindu temples, Sikh temples, Buddhist temples and more. I am also available to represent individuals or businesses in disputes with these corporations.

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