Corporate Law

Few events are more exciting than helping people start a new business or taking an existing business to the next level. At the Law Office of Mark Cohen, P.C., in Fremont, California, I am a corporate law attorney who enjoys counseling my business clients through every stage of formation, operation and dispute resolution.

Creating and running a successful business here in the East Bay requires quality legal advice. A business faces issues from a multifaceted environment. That is why my 33 years of experience not only in corporate law but in personal injury law and criminal law enable me to provide the multidisciplinary advice and counsel that businesses need. My multidisciplinary experience sets me apart from most other corporate law attorneys and provides me with unique and valuable legal insight that I offer clients. The following are some of the areas I provide advice and legal services for:

Experienced Business And Corporate Counseling And Litigation

A crucial part of operating a successful corporation is making sure that legal problems are addressed and resolved before they get out of hand. Whether the issue is with directors, officers or shareholders, I have the tactful counseling and negotiation skills to get matters settled as quickly and diplomatically as possible. However, when the situation calls for it, I am prepared to go to court. Some of the areas I have litigated are:

  • Disputes involving shareholders vs. the corporation
  • Breach of contract or breach of fiduciary duties
  • Cases requiring injunctions and restraining orders

I also help people set up all types of partnerships, including drafting partnership agreements and guiding them through the resolution of partnership disputes.

Help For Religious Nonprofit Corporations

Many people wish to start nonprofit corporations or organizations for a religious group or a particular religion. Nonprofit law and corporate law both have very specific regulations around religious groups. My office is one of the few in the Bay Area with experience helping religious nonprofit groups in the formation and successful operation of their corporations. My experience on many nonprofit boards and as an independent volunteer have given me insight into the best way to resolve problems in corporations involving religious groups such as churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and gurdwaras.

When the need arises for nonprofit corporate litigation, I am one of the few corporate law lawyers in the Bay Area with actual experience in this area, from handling intergroup disputes to contesting a religious group’s election results. To read more about a major legal case in which I represented one religious party, please see Singh vs. Singh (2004), 114 CA. 4th 1264.

Contact a corporate law attorney today to schedule a free consultation to help with corporate formation, corporate litigation, partnerships or any other need connected to running your successful business or nonprofit.

I am available for evening appointments by appointment. As an accomplished corporate law lawyer, I look forward to helping you and your organization succeed.