If you are facing a charge of disorderly conduct in California, you may be wondering exactly what that means. California has laws that make it illegal to disturb the peace of the public. You may be under arrest and facing charges for the following reasons:

  • Fighting or challenging someone to a fight
  • Using offensive words to provoke a violent reaction
  • Being unreasonably loud and annoying

But just because there are charges against you does not necessarily mean there will be a conviction. Here are some ways a criminal defense lawyer can help you prove you are not guilty of disturbing the peace.

You were acting in self-defense

If you are dealing with charges because you were in a fight, you may be able to demonstrate you were simply defending yourself. Whether you are at a baseball game, a concert or a bar, an argument may get out of hand. If someone starts to threaten you or act violent toward you, you may need to use physical force for your own well being. You may be able to utilize witness statements or security camera footage to show you did not instigate the brawl.

Your actions are not criminal

You may also be able to show that your behavior does not rise to the level of disorderly conduct. Just because you were being loud or having some fun with your friends does not necessarily mean your actions are criminal. This may be a viable defense, especially if you did not receive a warning to stop your behaviors or you had no reason to think you were disturbing anyone. Proving you had no intent to cause harm or were not acting out of reckless disregard may lead to dropped charges.

Facing criminal charges may concern you, but you do not need to simply plead guilty right away. You should do your best to mount a strong defense.