Earlier this month, Dennis Rodman made the news for an unfortunate accident after driving the wrong way on the highway. Apparently, he did not leave behind his contact details with the other driver. While he did not ultimately walk away with a hit and run charge, not everyone is so lucky when they make a mistake.

California has such a high rate of hit and run accidents, that in 2015, the city of L.A. crowd sourced the chase to address the estimated 20,000 hit and run accidents in their city.

The city enlisted social media to track down the fleeing drivers by advertising the details of the car seen fleeing the scene.

Rather than have a mistake broadcasted for the world to see, be proactive. If you think you may have hit someone, stop to see.

Here’s what to know if you are involved in a hit and run accident.

Hit and run accidents happen every day, can be intentional or unintentional, and can happen for any number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • You can be in a hurry
  • You might not think you made contact with the other car
  • You might be driving through an unsafe part of town or area
  • You might think you hit an animal while driving at night

If you are not sure if you hit someone, but you think you may have, here are some steps you need to take:

  • Don’t run – stop to see if you hit anyone
  • Exchange information – name, contact details, insurance. Leave a note if no one is there.
  • If you did hit someone’s make sure that they are alright, and get them the help needed
  • Call the police and talk to any witnesses
  • Follow up with the insurance companies – both yours and the other drivers

No matter why it happened, you’re responsibilities/the consequences of you actions change depending on the severity of the damage done. For example:

  • If you hit someone’s car and no one was injured
  • If you hit someone and they were injured
  • If this accident results in a death

If you or your loved one are involved in a hit and run accident, you may have questions. Depending on how serious it is, and the role played, you may not know what to do. A hit and run attorney can help you understand your obligations, rights, and legal options moving forward.

Don’t let a mistake, yours or someone else’s ruin your life.