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Why prompt treatment of whiplash after a car crash is crucial

One of the most prominent car crash injuries is whiplash. Whiplash is neck strain that occurs when your head violently rocks forward and back, such as in a rear-end collision. While you may think it is just an issue that will go away with time, it can be a lot more serious than you think.

According to Mayo Clinic, whiplash can result in long-term or even chronic pain. This means the neck pain from your car accident has the possibility of lasting several months or years – or perhaps even longer. 

A quick guide to forming an LLC in California

If you are planning to start a business in California, you may be interested in the limited liability company structure. An LLC is one of the most popular forms of businesses because of the liability and tax advantages. Whether you want to start a single- or multiple-member LLC, you may have several questions about the process.

Thankfully, forming an LLC is easy as long as you follow the right tips and seek legal counsel. Here are some necessary steps to starting an LLC in California:

How to defend against disorderly conduct charges in California

If you are facing a charge of disorderly conduct in California, you may be wondering exactly what that means. California has laws that make it illegal to disturb the peace of the public. You may be under arrest and facing charges for the following reasons:

  • Fighting or challenging someone to a fight
  • Using offensive words to provoke a violent reaction
  • Being unreasonably loud and annoying

Why you should get medical help after a car accident

If you are ever in a car accident in the Bay Area, there is a strong possibility the insurance company is going to discredit your claim, especially if you end up with injuries. It is important for you to see a doctor right after and have a follow-up appointment a few weeks afterward. 

Injuries are still possible in minor car accidents. They can range in severity and might not be noticeable until a few hours and days later. The adrenaline rush and shock you may experience can make it harder for you to feel trauma symptoms. Here is some info about why you should always get medical attention after a car crash

3 mistakes to avoid when forming a corporation

As an entrepreneur, you may want the legal protection of a corporation. Incorporating comes with the benefit of personal liability protection. And while forming a corporation is easy enough with the right help, you do not want to jump right into it before knowing what you are doing. 

Before you start your business, you should learn from the mistakes of others so you do not make them yourself. Here are some things you should avoid as you get your corporation up and running. 

Assessing a traumatic brain injury after a car crash

Car accidents often create the right circumstances for traumatic brain injury, which can occur due to a strong impact. Even without a direct blow to the head, the sudden stop at a high speed can lead to damage from the brain's impact against the interior of the skull.

Severe TBI cases, which involve prolonged loss of consciousness and other serious symptoms, tend to be apparent, especially if there are also external signs of head trauma. However, diagnosing moderate TBI can present some challenges and make it harder for sufferers to prove the full extent of their damages.

Defending DUI after the Fourth of July

Few things go together like alcohol, grilling and fireworks on the Fourth of July. The freedom we celebrate on Independence Day often gives people a sense of invulnerability not felt on any other holiday. Although alcohol goes well with some celebrations, it never combines well with driving. If DUI has blown up your life after Independence Day, then it's time to seek legal help.

Fourth of July weekend common for DUI

According to Fortune, 40 percent of all drinking and driving related deaths occur during the extended Fourth of July weekend. Further, more than one-tenth of the U.S. population travels more than 50 miles from home, making the combination of alcohol and high-traffic volume particularly treacherous. Therefore, law enforcement has a significant incentive to seek out drivers they suspect of driving under the influence of alcohol during this time. 

What to know about hit and run accidents in California

Earlier this month, Dennis Rodman made the news for an unfortunate accident after driving the wrong way on the highway. Apparently, he did not leave behind his contact details with the other driver. While he did not ultimately walk away with a hit and run charge, not everyone is so lucky when they make a mistake.

California has such a high rate of hit and run accidents, that in 2015, the city of L.A. crowd sourced the chase to address the estimated 20,000 hit and run accidents in their city.


I got some more new laws to share with you. I'll start with the most entertaining one.

Barber and Beer: The next time you go to your local haircutting establishment for a shampoo, cut, color, and style, your hairstylist can now serve you beer or wine. (Civil Code §23399.5(c)) But there's more good news. Your haircutter cannot charge you for the drink. So, enjoy.

Save the Animal: See a dog stuck in a hot car. Feel like rescuing the animal but afraid you'll get arrested for vandalism and then sued by the owner for smashing his/her window? New Civil Code §43.100 and Penal Code §597.7 now offers you some protection. Here's how it works.


For this last issue of the year, I thought I would provide some practical information about a new law that takes effect January 1st. All those who have the nasty habit of driving with phone in hand will be impacted. And let's face it, driving under the influence of a cell phone is an all too common occurrence. The problem is that using your cell phone while driving can kill and that's not good.

Come January 1st, Vehicle Code §23123.5 will impose greater restrictions on phone use while driving.The old V.C. §23123.5 prohibited cell phone use for texting and talking unless it was operated in hands-free mode. A court of appeals case interpreted V.C. §23123.5 to mean that while texting and phoning are prohibited, using the map app. isn't. In response, the legislature changed V.C. §23123.5 in several important ways. It's now prohibited to drive while holding and operating a phone unless the phone is specifically designed and configured to allow voice-operated and hands-free operation and is used in that mode while driving. (V.C. §23123.5(a))

But there's more. A driver can use a phone "in a manner requiring the use of the driver's hand while driving only if both the following conditions are satisfied":