Professional License Defense For Real Estate Agents And Brokers

Has your real estate license been put in jeopardy because of accusations of negligent or inappropriate actions, such as failure to follow the proper paperwork requirements of the Business and Professions Code? Are you being accused of failing to properly supervise other agents or employees under your charge? Have you been charged with a crime outside of work that could have an impact on your license?

To do your job as a real estate agent or broker, you need your professional license. At the Law Office of Mark Cohen, P.C., in Fremont, California, I can help protect your career when your license is on the line. I have experience providing administrative law representation to real estate agents and brokers, as well as mortgage agents and brokers.

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Providing An Aggressive Defense To Protect Your Career

As soon as you learn that you are under investigation by your licensing agency, contact my law firm. Whether in a hearing or in settlement negotiations, I can protect your rights and work hard to help you achieve the best outcome possible to protect your livelihood.

I have experience dealing with allegations such as:

  • False statements to clients
  • Fraud or misrepresentations
  • Failing to comply with state and local regulations
  • Misappropriation of funds

Remember, just because you are facing an allegation of wrongdoing your career is not over. The administrative law process is long and complex, so it is important to have the right attorney in your corner to help you navigate it. I can help you prepare written responses, talk to witnesses who will vouch for your good character and collect evidence that can be presented in your favor.

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If your real estate license is at risk of being suspended or revoked, contact my law office online or by telephone at 510-371-0975. You will talk with a skilled California lawyer who knows the law and genuinely wants to help you reach the best possible outcome.